Terms & conditions

Valid from June 1, 2019


Terms and conditions, together with the electronic order confirmation, constitute the agreement (“Subscription Agreement”) between the customer listed in the order confirmation (“Customer”) and Freightsolution (“Supplier”). The subscription agreement describes which modules the Customer has access to on the Freightsolutions platform.


1 Freightsolution

1.1 Freightsolution

Freightsolution is developed and managed by Freightsolution ApS ("Freightsolution") and, depending on the Subscription Agreement, the platform gives the Customer's employees ("Users") access to various modules: Calculator, Invoice Checker, Statistics, Comparison, Administration.

1.2 Access to Freightsolution

All Freightsolution products are web-based, which means that the Customer can access all modules via a browser.

The customer's login gives access to the modules agreed in the Subscription Agreement.

The Customer can extend a given Subscription with several modules that will be made available in the Customer's login.

1.3 Additional purchases

The customer can purchase additional help to make comparisons between different carriers in Comparison or between an existing carrier and one/several new carriers.


2 Use of Freightsolution

2.1 Use of Freightsolution

The customer may only use Freightsolution for their own business purposes and may not give third parties access to the platform.

2.2 Shipping data

The various modules will be able to provide data produced by the Customer ("Shipping Data"). Shipping data is stored in Freightsolution and can be used for e.g. statistical purposes.

The supplier is a data processor and it is therefore the data owner, the Customer, who can delete or anonymize Shipment data. The Supplier does not delete Shipping Data unless the Subscription is terminated (Section 9.2).

The supplier ensures that shipment data is not lost.

2.3 Removal of access to Freightsolution

The customer's access to Freightsolution can be removed if the Subscription is not paid on the due date. Access is opened again as soon as the Subscription has been paid.


3 Service

3.1 Customer service

Access to customer service is included in the Customer's Subscription and is open on all weekdays between 8.00 and 16.00 either via telephone, e-mail or chat.

Setting up the price matrix/freight matrix is ​​covered by regular customer service.

Contact information:
E-mail: support@freightsolution.io
Phone: +45 6140 4443

3.2 Changes in Freightsolution

Maintenance and changes are planned in such a way as to cause the least possible inconvenience to the Customer. Major changes will be announced in the Supplier's newsletter.


4 Finance

4.1 Subscription fees

The total Subscription is put together according to the modules selected in the Subscription Agreement and any subsequent additional purchases of modules (referred to as "Subscription fee").

The total Subscription fee is charged prior to the period agreed in the Subscription Agreement (for one year or for each month at an additional cost).

The supplier can adjust subscription prices and fees at most once a year.

4.2 Services beyond Subscription

Services that are not included in the Subscription are invoiced based on time consumed and according to applicable hourly prices, rounded up to the nearest hour.

4.3 Invoicing and payment

Subscriptions and other services are due upon the Supplier's invoicing.

All prices are quoted excl. VAT and other charges.


5 Rights

5.1 Rights

The supplier owns all rights to Freightsolution.

5.2 Shipping data and prices for Calculator

All Shipping Data is owned by the Customer. Shipping data may only be used by the Supplier to deliver the services to which the Supplier is obliged under the Subscription Agreement.

The supplier has the right to use anonymised shipping data for statistics in the modules offered. The supplier must ensure that the Shipment Data does not contain data about individuals before it is used for the various modules.

Shipping data and prices for Calculator are confidential. If a separate confidentiality agreement is desired, this can be entered into (Freightsolution format).


6 Processing of personal data

6.1 Shipping data

Shipping data transferred to the Supplier may contain personal data regarding the Customer's customers. The customer will always be the data controller and the Supplier will be the data processor. How long data must be stored is therefore the Customer's decision.

Upon termination of the Subscription Agreement, the Supplier will delete all Shipment data.

The supplier may not use the Shipping Data in any way other than as described in the Subscription Agreement.

Should there be a breach of personal data security, the Supplier is obliged to notify the Customer as soon as the Supplier is aware of the breach. It is the Customer's responsibility to notify any supervisory authority to the extent required.

The supplier uses technical third-party subcontractors within the EU/EEA. Shipping data is thus kept within the EU.

6.2 Data for which the Supplier is responsible

The supplier will store personal data about the customer and users of the platform.

This information is used for general purposes such as sales and marketing.

The supplier is the data controller for this processing and stores data in CRM and ERP systems.


7 Lacks/responsibility

7.1 Responsibility

Freightsolution ApS is not responsible for indirect losses or consequential losses when using the various modules.

Direct, documented loss as a result of non-maintenance of obligations described in the Subscription Agreement is limited to a maximum of the amount that the Customer has paid for 12 months prior to the month in which the loss is ascertained.

It is the Customer's own responsibility at all times that prices used as a basis for the Calculator are correctly set up and that they are maintained.

7.2 Breach

The subscription agreement can be terminated in writing in the event of breach of contract. In that case, termination will be effective from the date of termination.

If the Customer has not paid an overdue payment, the Supplier may terminate the Subscription Agreement after a payment reminder has been sent to the Customer.


8 Duration and Termination

8.1 Agreement periods

The Subscription Agreement is automatically renewed after 12 months with a new period also of 12 months, unless the Subscription Agreement is terminated by one of the parties at least 30 days before the new period. 

If the Subscription Agreement is terminated in the middle of a period, this can also be done with 30 days' notice, but this does not entitle the Customer to a refund of Subscription fees that have already been paid to the Supplier.