Prevent freight from becoming a hindrance in the sales department

Often, there can be significant communication between the sales department and the logistics department, where sales may lack a comprehensive overview of the logistics and freight costs within the company. This problem can be solved by Freightsolution.

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Quick and correct shipping prices for your customers

Do you make estimates when you make offers to your customers, or do you keep them waiting because you first have to inquire with the logistics department about the freight price?

With Freightsolution, you are able to calculate freight prices for your orders immediately, so that your customers pay the right price and at the same time have a good experience in making offers.

It means that your sales department becomes more independent.

Let the customer choose the most cost-effective shipping option

By retrieving cost prices from all your freight agreements, you have the ability to select the shipping method that best suits a shipment. However, you can also allow the customer to decide what they are willing to pay for a particular delivery.

The Calculator feature in FreightAudit instantly shows you which carrier is the cheapest among the configured freight agreements.

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Become more independent as a salesperson

Make the sales department less reliant on the logistics department as salespeople can find freight prices for orders and quotations themselves.

Instead of asking the logistics department for freight prices when creating a proposal, salespeople can quickly calculate them on their own without needing to familiarize themselves with the company's freight agreements and logistics processes.

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Step 1: We receive your freight agreements and invoice specifications

Step 2: FreightAudit checks your agreed-upon rates against your freight invoices

Step 3: Quickly view all billing errors, additional fees, and surcharges

Step 4: Retrieve and send a report of discrepancies directly to your carrier

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Save money with automated control of your freight costs and gain complete visibility over all your shipments.

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Choose the right freight setup for your business based on precise data and a holistic approach.

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