Save time, money, and gain visibility over freight costs in the logistics department

Freightsolution assists logistics managers and logistics workers in calculating freight prices, checking invoices, and comparing freight offers

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Bills from carriers don't have to be opaque

Automatic invoice control of your freight gives you as a logistics manager peace of mind. On average, Freightsolutions users find 3.7% errors in freight invoices.

We have made it easy for you to download clear overviews of all error settlements, which can subsequently be forwarded to your carriers.

Use the data from freight invoices to get an overview and a basis for comparison

The uploaded invoices turn into data that enables you to have a statistical overview of shipments and costs. For example, you can see:

  • How costs are distributed among individual carriers
  • Whether certain fees and surcharges constitute significant expenses that can be addressed today
  • What the impact of a specific freight agreement versus another would be across your shipments

Freightsolution is not a transportation consultant, but with our platform, you can independently gain a comprehensive overview of your freight costs.

freightsolution platform modul
freightsolution platform modul

Always find the best and cheapest shipping method

Are you always billed more than expected for shipments? With Freightsolution, you have the ability to calculate your freight prices, including fees, before making a shipment.

Enter shipment details and then calculate the possible shipping methods and costs, including fees and surcharges.

Cost prices and shipping options can also be retrieved through our API, allowing you to receive prices directly in your ERP system.

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freightsolution platform

Step 1: We receive your freight agreements and invoice specifications

Step 2: FreightAudit checks your agreed-upon rates against your freight invoices

Step 3: Quickly view all billing errors, additional fees, and surcharges

Step 4: Retrieve and send a report of discrepancies directly to your carrier

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freightsolution platform modul


Save money with automated control of your freight costs and gain complete visibility over all your shipments.

freightsolution platform modul


Choose the right freight setup for your business based on precise data and a holistic approach.

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