Gain an overview of freight costs in the purchasing department

If you work with purchasing in a company, you are guaranteed to know the problems surrounding freight when goods have to be transported home to your warehouse or directly to your customers. Freightsolution makes life as a buyer easy.

Request quotes for ad hoc shipments directly from carriers

When it comes to importing goods, obtaining quotes for the freight task can quickly become overwhelming.

Various and lengthy email correspondences regarding quotation requests make it difficult to keep track of the prices you previously received from each carrier. This makes it challenging to compare the offers against each other.

The Spot Request feature allows you to create your contacts with carriers directly within the platform. The carrier then submits their bids for the ad hoc shipment, providing you with all the data regarding the shipment cost available in Freightsolution.

Quick overview of your company's own shipping prices

When retrieving goods from a supplier using your own freight agreements, Freightsolution also enables you to calculate cost prices for these shipments.

Enter the shipment details and quickly calculate your freight options and prices, including fees, based on your agreements.

With Freightsolution, there's no need to rely on the logistics department within your company for freight prices on your procurement activities.

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freightsolution platform

Step 1: We receive your freight agreements and invoice specifications

Step 2: FreightAudit checks your agreed-upon rates against your freight invoices

Step 3: Quickly view all billing errors, additional fees, and surcharges

Step 4: Retrieve and send a report of discrepancies directly to your carrier

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Save money with automated control of your freight costs and gain complete visibility over all your shipments.

freightsolution platform modul


Choose the right freight setup for your business based on precise data and a holistic approach.

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