Automated Invoice Control with FreightAudit

Save money with automated invoice control of your freight costs

  • Gain peace of mind and full control over your shipments
  • Automatically validate all your freight invoices
  • Save time and resources by eliminating manual invoice control
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Helping You Build the Logistics Department of the Future

We understand that manual freight invoice control is cumbersome and time-consuming. FreightAudit automates the invoice control process, making it easy and quick to identify errors and overpayments.

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Average of 3.7% in Billing Errors

Identify all billing errors and gain an overview of which invoices can be approved and which ones require your attention.

We observe an average of 3.7% in incorrect charges on our customers' freight invoices

Achieve savings and eliminate manual control

Your freight invoices are automatically cross-checked against your freight agreements and invoice specifications to identify any discrepancies in freight rates, fees, and surcharges.

Simply retrieve the discrepancies in a report and easily forward them to your carrier.

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freightsolution platform modul

Get insights and statistics on all your shipments

Get accurate and actionable statistics based on your uploaded freight invoices.

See how much you're paying in individual fees, freight rates, surcharges, distributed across different carriers, shipments, and more.

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Step 1: We receive your freight agreements and invoice specifications

Step 2: FreightAudit checks your agreed-upon rates against your freight invoices

Step 3: Quickly view all billing errors, additional fees, and surcharges

Step 4: Retrieve and send a report of discrepancies directly to your carrier

What Our Customers Say

"When comparing the cost of Freightsolution to the improved security and thorough invoice control it provides, it is a must-have in my opinion."

"We now have peace of mind when it comes to our freight invoices. Nothing gets overlooked anymore." Read the full case study.

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"Invoice Checker captures all discrepancies in relation to our freight agreements. Some invoices are fine, while others need to be credited, but the tool has definitely saved us a lot of money."

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Explore the features of FreightAudit

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Invoice Checker

Automatically verify all freight invoices and simplify your workday.

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Gain insight into your freight costs, both for imports and exports.

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Calculate the actual shipping prices based on your agreements.

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Spot Request

Get quotes and avoid lengthy email dialogues with different carriers.

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