Freightsolution gives the finance department peace of mind when freight invoices and freight costs need to be checked

Regardless of whether you are a controller, bookkeeper or CFO, you know how to check your freight invoices either manually or via random samples. Freightsolution automates the invoice check so that you always have insight into your freight costs.

Negative, positive and N/A settlements

As a neutral Transport Cost Management System, Freightsolution immediately provides an overview of what deviations have been found in your freight invoices when you receive them from your carriers.

Has too much or too little been settled, or is an amount charged on the invoice that is not part of your freight agreement? Regardless, Freightsolution gives you the answer, and it's entirely up to you how you want to act afterwards.

Download reports on settlements on invoices

Download a report on miscalculations on your invoice with a few clicks, and make the carrier aware of the calculated price in relation to the freight agreement, versus what they have charged you. Download the report as a PDF, Excel, CSV or XML file.

See the system with your own eyes

We don't just have to say how great the platform is ... You have to see it for yourself! We want to give insight into the funktions and help you declare if our platform can help your business.
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Getting started with Freightsolution

Getting started with Freightsolution is quick and easy. See below what it takes
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1. Send us your freight agreement

We set up your freight agreements in Freightsolution for you.

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2. The carrier will your invoice specifications to us

Let your carrier send invoice specifications automatically to Freightsolution

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3. You are ready to use the platform!

We now have all your cost prices for the freight setup and can now automatically calculate freight prices, check freight invoices, collect statistics and compare freight agreements and offers with each other.


Freightsolution is an online platform. It is plug-n-play and all the functions are accessible from your browser.

Freightsolution can calculate what you pay for freight including fees, control your freight invoices and compare different offers. Said short: Freightsolution can help you with everything about handling transport costs! If our business uses two hours per month or more, Freightsolution will be profitable for you.

Yes, we check your freight on invoice basis, so we don’t need booking data on the shipments, and we are therefore also able to check your import invoices.

Regardless of you save 5,000 or 5 million, your subscription will always be the same.

If you don’t go through all your invoices, you risk overseeing a lot of mistakes and lose money. On average our platform finds 3,7% mistakes on freight invoices. With our automatic transport control we will find the mistakes for you.

Ready to get started?

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