Gain an overview and data of the freight costs in your company

Obtain insights into your freight costs and manage freight expenses from multiple departments in one integrated solution.

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Take advantage of the possibilities in your Business Intelligence

By utilizing data from your freight invoices, you gain insights into your freight costs that can be leveraged in your Business Intelligence efforts.

Freightsolution is the ideal choice when seeking visibility into your freight costs, as you can directly integrate data from your freight invoices into your preferred BI tool through webhooks and API integration. This enables you to make informed decisions within your company.

Small changes can have a significant impact on freight costs

Even with a larger freight budget, even the slightest modifications in freight agreements can greatly affect the bottom line.

In Freightsolution, you have the ability to compare multiple freight agreements using the FreightCompare's Comparison feature. This allows you to avoid the use of transportation consultants.

Comparison displays the total costs for your freight agreements or quotes based on your past shipment data. Thus, you can precisely see the implications of using one freight agreement over another.

freightsolution platform modul

Manage multiple departments in one integrated solution

If you have multiple departments or divisions using individual freight agreements and rates, Freightsolution allows you to consolidate everything into one solution, where users in each department can only view their own agreements and invoices.

Freightsolution can handle enterprise-level companies with complex organizational structures. For example, a retail chain or a company with offices in multiple countries can create sub-departments within the same account.

Freightsolution is scalable and designed to grow with your business.

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freightsolution platform

Step 1: We receive your freight agreements and invoice specifications

Step 2: FreightAudit checks your agreed-upon rates against your freight invoices

Step 3: Quickly view all billing errors, additional fees, and surcharges

Step 4: Retrieve and send a report of discrepancies directly to your carrier

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freightsolution platform modul


Save money with automated control of your freight costs and gain complete visibility over all your shipments.

freightsolution platform modul


Choose the right freight setup for your business based on precise data and a holistic approach.

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