When was the last time you did a benchmark analysis of your freight agreements?

Compare multiple shipping offers or see the bottom line effect

Competitive prices

See how a change in your freight prices affects you business.

  • Calculate bottom line effect when you receive new price increases
  • Benchmark your freight agreements

Compare different carriers

You can buy extra help, so you easily can compare different carriers' prices.

  • Compare on the right basis
  • Save money and know what you are paying for

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Spend 30 seconds watching the video below and understanding how to use our comparison feature in your business.

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3 great reasons to book an online demo

3 great reasons to book an online demo

On the invoices we check, we find 3,7% mistakes on average. If you are not checking every freight invoice, you risk losing a lot of money because you overlook mistakes. But we can help you with that! We can also give you the overview that is needed for you to choose the right carriers.

Vi use the time to understand your needs and your goals. From that we can if we can help you.

You can anytime choose to walk away from the meeting just with our great recommendations. Whether we should work together or not, is completely up to you. No hard feelings :-)

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